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About Everyone's Shadow is the Same Color

Everyone's Shadow Is the Same Color Concept illustrated with a biker's shadowAs the saying goes Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color is not a cut and dry one. It's one that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The interpretation can be quite simple to being quite complex in nature. The simple explanation that all things equal one's shadow is the same color. Obviously the human race of nearly 7 billion people are quite diverse, but if we take each of us and stand us in the same spot with the sunlight hitting us from behind our shadows will be the same color.

From one's culture to one's race each of us is unique in the language we speak, in how we act, and in how we live our daily lives. However, simply put you can't deny it everyone's shadow still will be the same color. Yes, it's been disputed that there are moments when a shadow can look a slightly darker or lighter shade of the same color but with all things equal our shadows are the same color.

It is this simple statement that can evoke many thoughts. I'm hoping that these thoughts will be positive in nature and that we will begin to think globally as one. However, as the world goes it's a difficult task. The goal of "Everyone's Shadow Is the Same Color, LLC" is to get this simple message out to as many people as possible. As the company develops it is our hope and dream to have human contact by way of seminars, workshops, and school events. There also will be opportunities to raise funds through our company by selling our products within your organization.

In conjunction with Capik Creative Design our company can and will design products specific to your needs. The possibilities are endless as the concept suggests.

The Journey

Original Shirt PhotoTo develop an idea takes organizations, networking, as well as just plain hard work. It's been a great process as well as a learning experience. The journey began one bright and sunny afternoon standing on a school playground. The person I was standing with was upset about being treated in an unkind way. As we stood together and discussed how to feel better about the situation, I realized that our shadows were cast perfectly in front of both of us. I said "look at our shadows" thinking out loud I said "our shadows are the same color". As the saying goes "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" was created that day perhaps by luck or by the sheer believe instilled in my by my parents that all people young and old should be respected and treated with fairness, kindness, and respect.

The idea of putting this slogan on a shirt came about quickly. Others said, "what a great idea"!

The growth of "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" and it's present logo and shirt designs have come about through collaboration with Jamie Caporaso of Capik Creative Design. These are exciting times and we look forward to spreading this unique idea all over the country and some day throughout the world. In our infancy the journey has just begun. The development of this concept has been a blast and we look forward to doing our best to make the world a better place.

The idea is thought provoking and the journey will surely continue. We look forward to being the best we can be for you the consumer.



The concept of fundraising by organizations is an offshoot of the company that we can offer for you to raise funds. Your company, organization, school and the like can raise funds by committing to marketing "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color" products. Please contact us for details regarding fundraising opportunities.

Contact Donald J. Levine for further information regarding fundraising opportunities


About Donald J. Levine

Don Levine of Every One's Shadow Is The Same ColorA lifelong teacher once described "Don" as a person with a great deal of "irons in the fire" and someday "you'll find your niche". His niche so to speak has been in the field of teaching Health and Physical Education for the past 22 years in Colchester, Connecticut.

Prior to beginning his teaching career Don was Colchester's Parks and Recreation Director from 1980 through mid 1984. A career change allowed him to gain experience in the business world when he earned his license to sell real estate in 1985. Further education allowed him to become a real estate broker after a two and a half year stint as a real estate salesperson Don opened his own company "Donald Jay Realty, Inc." Market conditions were not favorable for Don to continue in this field and he heard his calling to teach.

Don had earned his degree in the field of education from Central Connecticut State University (Magna Cum Laude) graduating in 1980. His niche had been found. Teaching has been a truly rewarding experience and continues to be a focus in his life. Don earned a masters degree in Integrated Early Childhood Studies regular and special education N-3 from Eastern Connecticut State University in 1998.

Don looks forward to serving your needs and continues to strive to develop "Everyone's Shadow Is The Same Color."



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